Reconstrucción (2020)

A second iteration of Reconstrucción, this time the installation unfolds on the floor of the gallery space. Each branch is carefully balanced without any fixation, onto three aluminum columns that are able to blend in with the light and materiality of the space. As I construct the installation, I have to enter an almost meditative state in order to find the center of gravity for each branch and successfully balance it onto the three columns. Once these four elements lock into place, they become structurally stable, however the system can still collapse under the influence of any outside forces.

During the three month exhibition period, the installation was constantly reconstructed as portions collapsed. The continuation of the branches, almost necessarily, had to be reorganized in new directions and ways depending on what portions of the system fell and what parts of the installation could be physically accessed by my own body. 

The installation was developed during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and speaks about the fragility of the balance of nature, but also to it’s incredible capacity and strength to constantly re-build and re-organize itself in new ways and directions.