Alejandro Medina is an artist and architect from Guatemala. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and is currently pursuing a Master of Science (MS) in Art, Culture & Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Building on his studies of architecture, photography, 3D visualization and computational design his work lies between the crossing points of different mediums (in a constant interchange between 2D and 3D worlds, and often times using a combination of both digital and analog techniques). His process often involves multiple phases of research, the implementation of emerging technologies and a deep concern for material investigation. Medina primarily draws inspiration from his early encounters with nature. Born and raised in Guatemala, he grew up close to the natural world (spending long periods of time immersed in rainforests and exploring other tropical ecosystems such as coral reefs). Intrinsic in his work is a sense of curiosity for one’s immediate surroundings; as well as a desire to unveil the unexpected entanglements between the so-called natural and artificial systems functioning around us. 

His work explores the relationship between humans and nature, particularly through the lens of the architecture and technologies that we build and use; reflecting critically upon our exploitation and manipulation of living systems, non-human beings and the biosphere at large.