Reconstrucción (2018)

After two years of intensive research, studying branching and fractals in nature solely through computer models, I decided to focus a period on continuing these studies through analogue means. Moving back to Guatemala, I’ve transitioned to working on several projects that use branches as a main material source.

In this first installation I seek to rebuild a tree within a gallery space using collected branches from an entire forest.

For the installation, I am essentially drawing in 3D space, reconstructing the image of a tree for the public to begin to consider how fractals and branching in nature works. The installation also becomes an exercise for myself, to begin to acquire physical intuition and knowledge in regards to the geometry of these branches in connection to my own body.

The branches are hung 1 inch apart, to create a new fragmented tree. A tree that in essence becomes an image of the entire forest.

Once the exhibition is finished the branches are returned to the forest where they were collected, in order for them to be re-embedded back into the forest’s cycle.