Extensión (2019)

Extension is largely inspired by the architect Antoni Gaudi, and his use of Catenary Curves and chain models as a pre-computational technique of designing and optimizing the structures for his buildings.

The installation is primarily composed of branch segments and bamboo sticks. The bamboo is stuck through the pith of the branches creating a single interconnected network that can easily be constructed and edited without the need of any adhesives.

The network is hung to the ceiling of the space with monofilament anchors that are distributed on a pre-determined grid . As the network is constructed, segments are added and subtracted until all of the monofilament anchors are perfectly straight (at 90 degrees). At this point none of the anchors are in tension (other than gravity) and the more complex network that is formed below the grid has reached a state of equilibrium.

In theory, similar to Gaudi’s models, this network could then be turned upside down and begin to describe the structure for a building.